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The Rani, Jamara, and Kulariya Irrigation Scheme (RJKIS) is one of the largest farmer-managed irrigation systems located in Kailali District, Far-western Development Region of Nepal. At present the system covers a net cultivable area of approximately 14,300 ha of which about 11,000 ha is currently being irrigated. The system is a cluster of three independent canal systems each with its separate water intake from a natural channel of the Karnali River. The system has been suffering from problems such as frequent wash-out of temporary diversion works, large fluctuations in the river course at the head of the main diversion channel, erosion of canal banks, and sediment deposition in the canals after every flood. Additionally, a major shift of in the course of the Karnali River towards the eastern bank and away from the western intake site in the recent past has triggered more difficulties in diverting water to the irrigation system during low river flow periods.